we knew it was too juicy to be true...

Office Freakout Video Turns Out to be Fake

http://view.break.com/513310 - Watch more free videosA leaked video from a security camera showing a man flipping out in an office has turned out -- surprise, surprise -- to be covert marketing for upcoming Hollywood blockbuster Wanted.

Movie blog Cinematical reports that director Timur Bekmambetov staged the viral prank as a tie-in to the film , which stars Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy as a group of highly skilled assassins.

The undercover advert hit its target spot-on, amassing nearly 4 million views and almost 5,500 Diggs in the week since it was posted.

The video is supposed to invoke themes about escaping one's everyday life -- a point that was probably missed by many, seeing as the guy in the video (above) appears to be going completely and utterly insane.

Wanted hits theaters June 27. It's the first stateside production for Russian director Bekmambetov, whose previous works include the phenomenal dark fantasy flicks Day Watch and Night Watch.

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