can't get enough of this song...

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it's spring, people!!!

After so many months of dreary weather and dreary skies, we finally have a sunny, warmish day on our hands.  I would like to thank this bush, for making my morning a little brighter. 

And, I'd like to point out that this counts as updating my blog, since Carrie pointed out that I've been remiss.  Thanks, Carrie.  I'll try to be more diligent.


Completely rational conversation, overheard this morning:

A:  I'd like to see that new Sunshine movie this weekend
B:  Okay, is it playing anywhere nearby?
A:  I'm not sure, we'll have to check
B:  (checking on iPhone)  click.  click click.
A:  I wish you wouldn't use that thing all the time
B:  You use yours all the time, what are you talking about?
A:  We used to talk
B:  OH MY GOD.  Are you serious?
A:  ♪♫  You don't bring me flowers...  ♫♪
B:  You are a crazy person
A:  Fine.  I am not talking to you then
B:  You're just mad that you didn't bring your phone
A:  Well, yeah...  (sniff)