The gods want me to eat Arby's - and apparently, to pay cash

Even though I packed leftovers for lunch, my gut told me to get Arby's instead.  I went there with a ten dollar bill, ordered a sandwich and a small fry, and received a ten and four ones in change.  Of course, I didn't notice this until I was back at the office.  I am now wrestling with the ethical dilemma of returning the cash or pocketing it, and thanking my good karma.  Unfortunately, something tells me that if I keep it, I'm daring karma to bite me in the ass.  I also don't want anyone to get into trouble -- I picture a stern discussion with the manager, with horrible allegations of stealing nine dollars; the cashier crying into packets of Horsey sauce. 

Honesty will win out yet again, but at least this time it made for a fun little lunchtime story.


blind pilot

I'm absolutely addicted to this band lately. 

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PETA or pita?

I went to PETA's website yesterday, after the amazing, heavenly Arby's sandwich.  This same action solidified my veganism ten years ago, but somehow I didn't think twice about it.  I read and read about all the bad stuff I've been ignoring for four years, and in an instant, decided that I would no longer eat meat. As Karen and I sat down to eat at one of our favorite burger places, I ate my black bean salsa and toasted pita chips and began to tell her tiny factoids about how community-oriented cows are, and how chickens like to spend time in groups, all the things that PETA taught me.  She looked around, and tried to change the subject by asking:

'How about you tell me what you know about pita'
me: (blink.  blink, blink.)

How often is it that one tries to change the subject, and randomly picks another word that sounds exactly like the word they're trying to avoid?  Probably not often.


there may be more to life than pregnancy

The other blog became the focus while we got all used to the idea of a baby, but now the idea is starting to settle in and I must write about other things once in a while. After several weeks with very little updating, I've vowed to post here more often.

I have also vowed to read more (non-pregnancy-related books) and found this link today, and have vowed to do it!


I have started Infinite Jest several times, but have never finished it, and this is the summer for it. Any bookies, feel free to join me. I may post some thoughts about the book as I go.

We also visited the Greek Fest this past weekend...
I absolutely LOVE spanakopita and should've simply ordered thirty of them to hoard for the summer.


can't get enough of this song...

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it's spring, people!!!

After so many months of dreary weather and dreary skies, we finally have a sunny, warmish day on our hands.  I would like to thank this bush, for making my morning a little brighter. 

And, I'd like to point out that this counts as updating my blog, since Carrie pointed out that I've been remiss.  Thanks, Carrie.  I'll try to be more diligent.


Completely rational conversation, overheard this morning:

A:  I'd like to see that new Sunshine movie this weekend
B:  Okay, is it playing anywhere nearby?
A:  I'm not sure, we'll have to check
B:  (checking on iPhone)  click.  click click.
A:  I wish you wouldn't use that thing all the time
B:  You use yours all the time, what are you talking about?
A:  We used to talk
B:  OH MY GOD.  Are you serious?
A:  ♪♫  You don't bring me flowers...  ♫♪
B:  You are a crazy person
A:  Fine.  I am not talking to you then
B:  You're just mad that you didn't bring your phone
A:  Well, yeah...  (sniff)


Where the Wild Things Are

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Grey's Tunes

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I thought for sure this was Paolo Nutini - I know, Karen, I owe you a buck.

and, my favorite of them all:

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Best household cleaner around (geranium, my favorite cleaner scent)...  and it's on sale here
'Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Geranium Products are one of a kind. Oh so pleasing to the eyes on bright summer days, geraniums are said to uplift and soothe the mind with their refreshing floral scent. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day GERANIUM PRODUCTS give you peace of mind while you clean, and as always, are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.'

What I'm reading

Growing up on Facebook

Interesting article on what happens when you recap your life for your family and friends, and how that idea of staying connected may mean something completely different for younger generations.


Radio Lab

Podcast Alert:

It's the best science show I've heard, and they take normal questions, like 'Why do we sleep?' and answers them in very interesting and well-written ways.  It's available on iTunes and they even have an archive on this site.  Check it out, find a topic that interests you, and tell me what you think.

:) Enjoy


An ode to meatloaf

Oh, lunchtime meatloaf
even better left-over
your crust is divine

maybe I can find
a way to make an all crust
meatloaf - ideas?