When you read this

please come over and pry the Chipotle from my hands.  Clearly, grazing for an hour three hours until it's almost completely gone STILL isn't enough to make me stop.

p.s.  As a post-script (cash cab makes me smarter) you make me smile as I continue eating the last few bites, and you notice my post, and send me an IM to 'PUT THE FORK DOWN'. 


Stuff Karen needs to see

Resevoir Dogs
The Usual Suspects

and this

as Ruthanne would say, OMG!  'Scaring the boy scouts in the audience'. 

Make me smile

by using both 'erect' and 'balls' in a conversation we have in your cube, while you sit on the floor.

(in my defense, I told you early-on that I'm eight years old.)


Isabella, a yellow Lab at the Safari Zoological Park, east of Caney, Kan. nurses three white tiger cubs she adopted after they were abandoned by their mother at the park. The cubs were born on July 27, 2008.

Perfect for me

because you like the opposite of what I like in the McDonald's Big Breakfast. 

Muffin is NOT the biggest cat ever

i swear

Make you smile

when I tell you that I read an email update, and for the first few glances, really thought the name on it was 'Flaming George.'  (To the point that I tried to figure out how they got the name...  Is it tongue-in-cheek?  Is his name George?  That's pretty orig-)  Oh...  Wait...  It's Gorge.

Vball Update

Hello, everyone in VolleyBallLand!  I have exciting news about the Joy of Sets...  Are you seated? 

We Won!

All.  Three.  Games.

(Remember to breathe)


Oh, how I love sesame street

Make me smile

by asking if something that you've done will make it into a 'Make me smile' post. 

Well done.  :)

Make me smile

when you admit that you wondered what that 'flashing light' was while you slept, cause, yes...  I was taking pictures of the cats eating.  Side. By. Side.   I have accomplished all I was set out to in this life.

Take flight

fly here - use your mouse to steer


Ooh - Karen will love this

Thanks, Skip :)

My first team photo

Proof to my fam and friends that I, Susan, was actually on a TEAM!  :)

The joy of sets

We played our Monday games without the aid of horrible winds or torrential downpours.  We had all four players (still sans LOML, but she was there to cheer us on) but we were 0-3. 

Better luck next time, Joy of Sets!



Ah, Bootsie!


We say things like 'madly' and 'nibble' and 'smooch.' We try to keep the 'frowning hour' rule, when possible. (And, have even amended it to the 'frowning half-hour' rule.) We have sent Muffin on a cruise, gotten love marks from Phoebe and let Moxy snuggle with our feet. We have been to Puerto Rico and Columbus, Brunswick and Willoughby, Mentor and Detroit. We have shared the magic blue v-neck and Napoleon. We have watched countless movies, and played countless rounds of Cash Cab. We have ridden our bikes to work and back, (hello, rainstorm!) played LOTS of volleyball, and played soccer (sorry, I can't help but mention it.) You have taught me Pinochle and showed me how to do gesture drawings. You've encouraged me to apply myself at work, and to enroll in school again. You've shown me that it's possible to have a completely open, honest and happy relationship.

You make me a better girl.

Thank you, LOML. :) 
All the matter in the world is how much I like you.


Pinochle fun

So, you'd think I'd have some kind of advantage in Pinochle.  I won the first game we played, I am a lucky, lucky girl... And, yet, nada.  I actually lost not one, not two, but ALL GAMES we played.  But, you never know.  I will probably win the next game we play.  I'm an optimist.  I get it from Carrie.  Thanks, uber.  :)

Mike-alikes all around

This is Mike (and I think he has glasses like the ones on the right, now)
Hi Mike!  :) 
Thanks, Denise. 

The wonder that is the Mickey

It has been pointed out to the Suze that a lot of lines lately have been 'borrowed' from people, who aren't getting proper credit here.  We are heartily sorry for having offended thee...  blabbity blah...  blabbity blabbity blah.  So, to make amends, we are going to include wonderful, terrific pieces of these people here, for all of you to enjoy!!!!

This is Mickey.  He is responsible for the 'Breech Baby' song, and for the Trapper Keeper comment from last night.  He is a righteous dude, who looks freakishly like Mike (another Mike-Alike, I know...)

Thanks for being hilarious, Mickey!

Globey Things

Things that the LOML has expanded my globey-thing to include in the past (three days shy of) seven months:

Crunchy Stuft Burritos (good one, babe)
Soccer (whoops -- you didn't need two ankles)
phoebe's 'love marks'
cash cab
banana peppers
pickled cauliflower
(pickled anything)
dancing (no, I still don't use arms, thank you)
carpooling to work
beach volleyball
painting/drawing (we haven't done much of this lately -- we should this weekend)
our neighborhood
and a million other things that my lunch half-hour (minus the trip to Taco Bell) hasn't allowed me to type yet.  (Stay tuned)

Thanks, darlin.  Happy almost-seventh monthiversary :)

Oh, the mexican goodness

All my life, I've gotten the same thing from Taco Bell...  crunchy tacos.  Regular, old crunchy tacos.  And, don't misunderstand.  They're my FAVORITE EVER fast food.  But, I just tried a bite of a Grilled Stuft Burrito, and I can fill you all in..........  They are WONDERFUL.  Cheesey, a little crunchy, a little meaty.  Delicious.  Thanks, LOML!


I played my first game of pinochle last night, and while I had the best teachers in the world, and much credit must go to them (thanks LOML and Mickey), I'd like to humbly say that I ROCK AT PINOCHLE!  I won the very first game I played (practice games don't count, right???) and had a blast.  We're playing again tonight, and I think we may have a brand new addiction on our hands, ladies and gentlemen.  Ah, the melding, the bidding, the tricks.  Oh, My!

School supplies

All this Trapper Keeper talk has gotten me thinking.  I wish I were still in school.  (I know, I'm supposed to look into this before fall semester starts, thanks LOML.)  I still get all adrenaline-y when I think about stocking up on new school supplies.  New notebooks, new gel pens, new highlighters.  Something about that aisle in the store brings me back to the first day of school, every year for the first twenty years of my life.  I even have 'office supplies' that I buy myself, like little hand-sized notebooks and the fame navy gel pens.  So, on a mission to NEED school supplies, I will be researching the application process for online colleges.  I have 23 classes left at the college I currently go to, but that degree is very management-based, and anyone who knows me, understands that I am not a manager.  I hate giving feedback and criticsm, and do much better when given a project to figure out on my own.  I'll update you on my progress.  :)

crystal eyes

I can't find this on Snopes, but it makes my eyes water just to watch.

Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani, a 12 year-old Lebanese girl has baffled medical experts by producing crystals from her eyes. Coming at a rate of seven a day, the crystals are razor sharp, but do not harm her eyes.

Read more here

(Thanks, Presurfer)

Love to live

My friend TJ told me of a philosophy he tries to follow, that states that you should take time to be happy...  Love the beauty in the simplest things, breathe in the day.  Love to live.

My question to you is, do you love to live?

it's not 'breech baby' but it's close :) Thanks, Mickey!

Breech baby, breech baby, show me your head.  Classic.  :)

trapper keeper

I was compared to a trapper keeper last night, and today we'll have an in-depth expose' on these wonders of foldage.

The Official Trapper Keeper Site

More to come


upcoming vacation plans

Every day just after lunchtime, I'm reminded that the entire human race should really take an afternoon nap.  Oddly, every morning, I'm reminded that the human race shouldn't have to wake up, and should, instead, get to sleep in every day until the body wants to wake up.  (Almost a constant vacation-state.)  This reminds me that we leave for Atwood a week from Sunday.  So, I've resolved to nap every day while we're on vacation.  Sitting in the sun, drinking at 11:00 AM (before 11AM would just be irresponsible, people), napping, swimming, boating, eating food that can't at all be healthy.  Dear readers, I fear that I will not be able to update my blog, since the internet connection at Atwood is actually WIRED - WITH PHONE CORD.  I don't even know how to do that anymore.  But, alas, all will be fine.  Most of you (yes, mom and Karen, I'm referring to the two of you) will be with me at the lake, and Carrie, well....  you live in North Carolina.  Enjoy the weather for a few quiet days without my rants.  :)

And, until then, please comment on your favorite vacation spots.  Commence comments nowly!  :)

for karen and will

on the brain

sad, sad Mac story

Carrie says:
'My computer died...  Sad...  I went to the mac store and had to make an appointment. When I told her about the file with the ? She made a bad face and asked me if everything was backed up.'

misheard lyrics

best line: make me fries...

tallest cow

His name is Chilli and he's described as a gentle giant. His owners have contacted the Guinness Book of Records who are currently assessing his credentials and comparing them to other big bovines. The black and white Friesian bullock weighs well over a ton and is the same height as a small elephant.

The heifer, who is almost as high as he is long, lives at the Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Chard, Somerset, England, after he was left on their doorstep aged just six-days-old. Nine years on, Chilli has kept on growing, and staff believe the giant will smash a record for Britain's tallest ever cow.

make me smile

the Suze says (10:34 AM):
do you need anything?

the LOML says (10:34 AM):
all your lovin'

irritate me

by setting the temperature in the building to about 30*, knowing that I pound constant huge quantities of diet coke straight from the vending machine. 


Make me smile

when I realize that you are maybe not being caring, helpful and wonderful, but are really trying to fatten me up by giving me the hashbrown out of your morning breakfast combo.

The fuzzy intruder and a very long, warm night

Yesterday, I told you about the fuzzy intruder, better known as Moxy.  She is famed for playing with plastic bottle caps, and will find them even where none exist.  She has also learned a new trick.  She knocks over empty water bottles on the bedside table.  She is clever, and waits until about 3am, when you're completely asleep, and probably have to pee, but aren't aware of it yet, and maybe are sweating a bit cause the blanket's a warm one.  So, when you hear the 'ka-klunk-klunk-lunk' noise, you must get up, hide said bottle, then walk downstairs to the bathroom and empty your bladder.  Crawl back into bed, but leave the cover off this time...  Eventually, you fall back to sleep until about 5am, when she finds the large plastic ring you let her play with from the new tub of litter (we're talking HUGE, like the size of a large man's belt) so THAT's a good noise.  Once again, you walk downstairs to confiscate said item, but now the kitties would like to eat.  (Of course, silly hooman, it's always time to eat.)  Then, after about half an hour, Muffin knocks her hut off the shelf of her front porch, (I'll share the story of Muffin and her movable town in an upcoming post) so I walk back downstairs to put it back, and remove the roof from said front porch so she has a little more room.  Back upstairs, back into bed...  now it's really too warm in the room.  Get up, turn the thermostat down one degree, wait for it to cool off and get under the cover.  Then, the strangest thing happens...  I FELL SOUND ASLEEP!  Slept like a baby for the remaining forty or so minutes before the alarms went off.  And, let me tell you, that was the best sleep I've had in ages.  So I snoozed an extra half hour or so, and went to work with dog hair.  Oh, the sacrifices I make for fifteen minutes of snoozin. 
As an aside, it's amazing how in those unrestful hours you can have the most vivid dreams.  We were trying on clothes in the mall, when we decided to swim in the pool behind the dressing rooms.  Cause, that's where the best pools are.

new scar

She looks innocent, doesn't she?  She looks like the kind of cat who would curl up next to you and purr, and just want lovings.  And, most of the time this is the case.  But, when you open the linen closet in the bathroom, watch out.  She turns into Cirque De Soleil-Kitty, and will use you to mount acrobatic feats of wonderment.  The LOML already knows this, having a few Phoebe scars on her back and shoulders.  Now, the Suze also has one.  A great big scar, mid-back, to show off to all the other kitties.  Thanks, Phoebe!  :) 

Windy Volleyball

Carrie, your support helped us win two of our three games last night.  The wind may have played a part as well, since the team on the lake side had a clear advantage.  Hard to hit the ball over the net, with 45 mph winds and sand coming at you.  Plus, we had the LOML there to cheer us on.  (Thanks, Karen).  Brings our record to 2-4.  Not bad, guys!  Way to go!!!!!



For the girl who actually cheers for my horrible volleyball playing, and only half-mockingly pumps me up.  Thanks, carrie.  :) 

[16:59] uber: i'll be with you in spirit

[16:59] uber: when you think you can't go on

[16:59] uber: exhausted and cold

[16:59] uber: just think of me

[16:59] uber: i'll carry you through

[16:59] uber: RAHRAHRAH!

Irritate me

by not creating a version of the Wii Fit that one can use while on crutches.  Fascists!

cool light images

It's possible that some may be photoshopped, but they're still awfully cool!


I so want to do this

Make me smile

by getting me a hash brown on the way in, even though I didn't pick up the phone to help you maneuver from the car.

Great cloud day and other thoughts

Today the clouds are that wonderful squishy type that make you think you could sit on them, and it's cooler than it's been lately.  Kind of a nice change from the 90* heat.  (Yes, carrie, I just used an asterisk as a degree symbol; sue me.)  I slept quite well, aside from the intruder that made her way into our room - a small fuzzy thief who likes to knock things over and nibble on toes and ankle bracelets.  The best part is when she bites Karen's foot, because it happens while Karen's dreaming about her father putting a caterpillar into her hand, and it causes K to sit almost straight up, gasping loudly, and scares the flippin' crap out of both of us.  The fuzzy intruder then thinks that it's now time to get up and feed kitties (foolish humans, any time is a good time for wet food...) and proceeds to attack any exposed skin on both of us.  (Imagine mildly annoyed Suze saying something like 'Seriously?...  Come on!' to the cat, who couldn't care less that the Suze is mildly annoyed.)
I think I'll try nibbling on the fuzzy intruder's paws as she naps this evening.  I figure she'll enjoy it, and my  plans to retaliate will be thwarted, as most of my plans are.



strangest pic i found today


puppy lullaby

It's Bacon (floss)

Dentists recommend flossing and we recommend bacon! Now you can improve your dental hygiene while enjoying the amazing flavor of crispy fried bacon! Is there anything bacon cant improve?

oh, and these I really want... 

for karen - alfonso knows how to use his arms


Faux weather convo, or how I make stuff up for compliments

be glad you're not outdoors today. It's 114*


well, it feels like 114*. I suppose the real temperature is closer to 89*, but for effect, I embellish sometimes.

you are adorable

me - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I am now all smirky

Make me smile

by not waking me to turn out lights, and choosing, instead, to sleep with a pillow covering your eyes because I was 'snoozin, and looked comfy.'  Seriously?  Too cute.

For Carrie


Things our unborn children are destined to say to us

I am a registered republican

I don't really like computers.

I'm thinking of joining the army.

I don't really like movies.

I'm thinking of playing soccer.

Oh, by the way...  I bought a gun.

I don't really like music.

Communication isn't really anything I'm interested in; let's just sit quietly and fester.

Get Well Soon, KareBear


We shouldn't laugh at the mispronunciations of toddlers.  But, there are many things we shouldn't do...


This is a few years old, but I came across it again today, and almost fell off my chair. 

Head Shot

I took a photo and ran it through something called the Face Transformer that created a manga cartoon version of myself. It's me, but it's not really me. That's kind of how it feels to be online. There's Modigliani options
and others too.

Make me smile

by signing onto my silly little blog even when you're home injured and not a happy camper. 

by trying to referee kitty spats in the middle of the night, even though you can't stand.

by thanking me (profusely) when all I do is sit next to you on the couch and remind you to take advil.

by being mine.

by KNOWING that we would win on Cash Cab, even though our trial runs aren't going too well.

by joining me in thinking every time we buy lottery tickets that we'll 'absolutely win this time.'



unnecessary censorship

I want to sit around and think of these things, damn it.

coolest x-rays you'll see all week

In honor of our little x-ray girl, here's some other things we should think of x-raying.


How the falling people really did it

For those who remember this from a previous post...   

Soccer Update

Ah, the sport of soccer
This post goes out to Karen, who is probably on the couch right now, leg elevated, watching bad stay-at-home-cause-your-ankle-is-sprained-movies.  (Hi, Karen.)
We played four games, and came in 3rd at the Corporate Challenge. 


Just in case you thought you were fit

So, we've been biking and playing beach volleyball and being much more fit and active than SusanLand has ever been.  Optimistic, I sign up for our Corporate Challenge soccer tournament (in reality, I was signed-up in absentia, but we'll let that slide...)  I approached Tuesday's practice with some trepidation (thank you, thunderstorm gods, I owe you one...)  but by yesterday, I was pretty confident and optimistic.  Everything seemed fine, 'Let's start out with some passing.'  Then we learned to 'field' the ball, which sounds relaxing and all, but is actually letting the ball hit you in the chest, head, thigh or somewhere else a ball shouldn't hit.  And, then the part that really solidified my love of the game...  Constant running.  We start out doing suicides (apt name, namers...  well done.)  running back and forth on the field until we're warmed up.  (Did I mention that I was completely drenched from head to toe?  Warmed up - vast understatement.)  I am not a happy girl at this point, frowning and dripping on everyone.  And then the strangest thing happened...  We started playing a little mock game, and it was fun.  Actual, real, athletic-y fun.  I am not good, do not be fooled by the sudden change in tone.  I am awful, but I am a female body on the field, which they needed, and I will do my best to smile as I wince on Sunday. 

As a side note, the feeling after your muscles relax is a bonus treat.  Oh, and morning muscles...  priceless.

The new olympic outfits

Interesting facts about why we dress the way we do for competition.

Olympic outfits

Stream Weaver

Recently we brought you a list of free & legal music downloads, but we understand that not everyone wants to eat up space on their hard drive or MP3 player. So we’ve compiled a list of 30+ awesome streaming music sites we know you’ll enjoy.
stream here :)

Not listed, but still a fave of mine:  http://playlist.com/.  Create a playlist to listen to at your desk, or to post to MySpace or your blog. 

100 Places To Go For Good Answers Online

While Wikipedia isn’t likely to lose its status as the first place people look for quick answers anytime soon, there are loads of other sites out there that can provide you with information, some of which may even be better and more accurate. Whether you’re researching for a paper or just settling a bet with a friend, here are 100 places you can find all the answers you need quickly and easily online.

Read More

oh, oh... right there!


for carrie, whose firefox has broken her computer

The Shit Box

What is it?   Shit Box is a lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made specifically for outdoor use.  The box pops up from a convenient 14 inch flat pack to a rigid, reusable, comfortable toilet.  Each box comes with ten degradable poo bags.


Diet beverage of choice

So, can we talk about the vending machine for a moment?
Our work beverage dispenser has only one option for Diet Coke, beverage of the gods.  There are about thirteen choices for pepsi, diet pepsi, etc...  But, one for DC.  It is empty today, and I am trying to enjoy a dp (It does not warrant caps).  I have had it open for approximately ten minutes, and it is already flat.  Who drinks this, and are they: a) allergic to carbonation? b) drinking the entire can in two minutes? c) completely oblivious?  Please advise.



So, this is not me...

We have started biking, and after a trip to the West Side Market and then a trip to work, I feel like a professional biker.  We're pondering riding to the Cleveland Clinic (which I just mapquested, and is about 6 miles away...)  How long do you think it takes a body to get used to biking?  ;)