School supplies

All this Trapper Keeper talk has gotten me thinking.  I wish I were still in school.  (I know, I'm supposed to look into this before fall semester starts, thanks LOML.)  I still get all adrenaline-y when I think about stocking up on new school supplies.  New notebooks, new gel pens, new highlighters.  Something about that aisle in the store brings me back to the first day of school, every year for the first twenty years of my life.  I even have 'office supplies' that I buy myself, like little hand-sized notebooks and the fame navy gel pens.  So, on a mission to NEED school supplies, I will be researching the application process for online colleges.  I have 23 classes left at the college I currently go to, but that degree is very management-based, and anyone who knows me, understands that I am not a manager.  I hate giving feedback and criticsm, and do much better when given a project to figure out on my own.  I'll update you on my progress.  :)

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