Where the Wild Things Are

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Grey's Tunes

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I thought for sure this was Paolo Nutini - I know, Karen, I owe you a buck.

and, my favorite of them all:

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Best household cleaner around (geranium, my favorite cleaner scent)...  and it's on sale here
'Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Geranium Products are one of a kind. Oh so pleasing to the eyes on bright summer days, geraniums are said to uplift and soothe the mind with their refreshing floral scent. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day GERANIUM PRODUCTS give you peace of mind while you clean, and as always, are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.'

What I'm reading

Growing up on Facebook

Interesting article on what happens when you recap your life for your family and friends, and how that idea of staying connected may mean something completely different for younger generations.


Radio Lab

Podcast Alert:

It's the best science show I've heard, and they take normal questions, like 'Why do we sleep?' and answers them in very interesting and well-written ways.  It's available on iTunes and they even have an archive on this site.  Check it out, find a topic that interests you, and tell me what you think.

:) Enjoy


An ode to meatloaf

Oh, lunchtime meatloaf
even better left-over
your crust is divine

maybe I can find
a way to make an all crust
meatloaf - ideas?


I never wanted to be a parrot head more

Happy, tanned and wearing a Margaritaville mask.
Looks like a great time, guys.  :)


Don't say 'irregardless' around me

It's inefficient, and it sounds like an unresolved chord -- all twangy and just wrong.


grace in small things - 2

7.   The sun is shining today and the sky looks like a periwinkle crayon.
8.   I'm getting together with friends from grade school this saturday for dinner.
9.   I have eighty-nine podcasts on my phone waiting for me.
10. I ate breadsticks for breakfast.
11. I found a huge chunk of music I don't know yet, by artists I love.
12. I remembered my gloves today.


This American Life

I listen to a lot of TAL, and I'm not sure if you've all had the pleasure... 

This episode is about sleep, and the lack thereof.  Act one is about a man whose body's lack of dopamine caused him to sleepwalk, and act out his dreams.  Fascinating.

airport reading

1980 Paul Simon article 

For my mom, who's stuck at the airport/renting a car/not on a beach while she starts her vacation.
Here's hoping that tomorrow brings you the sunrise and a good book.