Diet beverage of choice

So, can we talk about the vending machine for a moment?
Our work beverage dispenser has only one option for Diet Coke, beverage of the gods.  There are about thirteen choices for pepsi, diet pepsi, etc...  But, one for DC.  It is empty today, and I am trying to enjoy a dp (It does not warrant caps).  I have had it open for approximately ten minutes, and it is already flat.  Who drinks this, and are they: a) allergic to carbonation? b) drinking the entire can in two minutes? c) completely oblivious?  Please advise.


RisingShadow said...

Power to the Coke drinkers!

For the record, cherry pepsi is just as bad. Stuff is like motor oil with a bit of a fruit tang.

Karen said...

I've never really engaged in the Pepsi vs. Coke battles. They just taste the same to me. I must not have a very sophistictaed palate. I am, however, drawn to Pepsi's marketing and colors. So when I have to choose, I drink Pepsi.