Just in case you thought you were fit

So, we've been biking and playing beach volleyball and being much more fit and active than SusanLand has ever been.  Optimistic, I sign up for our Corporate Challenge soccer tournament (in reality, I was signed-up in absentia, but we'll let that slide...)  I approached Tuesday's practice with some trepidation (thank you, thunderstorm gods, I owe you one...)  but by yesterday, I was pretty confident and optimistic.  Everything seemed fine, 'Let's start out with some passing.'  Then we learned to 'field' the ball, which sounds relaxing and all, but is actually letting the ball hit you in the chest, head, thigh or somewhere else a ball shouldn't hit.  And, then the part that really solidified my love of the game...  Constant running.  We start out doing suicides (apt name, namers...  well done.)  running back and forth on the field until we're warmed up.  (Did I mention that I was completely drenched from head to toe?  Warmed up - vast understatement.)  I am not a happy girl at this point, frowning and dripping on everyone.  And then the strangest thing happened...  We started playing a little mock game, and it was fun.  Actual, real, athletic-y fun.  I am not good, do not be fooled by the sudden change in tone.  I am awful, but I am a female body on the field, which they needed, and I will do my best to smile as I wince on Sunday. 

As a side note, the feeling after your muscles relax is a bonus treat.  Oh, and morning muscles...  priceless.

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Shaniuk said...

You are adorable.