Great cloud day and other thoughts

Today the clouds are that wonderful squishy type that make you think you could sit on them, and it's cooler than it's been lately.  Kind of a nice change from the 90* heat.  (Yes, carrie, I just used an asterisk as a degree symbol; sue me.)  I slept quite well, aside from the intruder that made her way into our room - a small fuzzy thief who likes to knock things over and nibble on toes and ankle bracelets.  The best part is when she bites Karen's foot, because it happens while Karen's dreaming about her father putting a caterpillar into her hand, and it causes K to sit almost straight up, gasping loudly, and scares the flippin' crap out of both of us.  The fuzzy intruder then thinks that it's now time to get up and feed kitties (foolish humans, any time is a good time for wet food...) and proceeds to attack any exposed skin on both of us.  (Imagine mildly annoyed Suze saying something like 'Seriously?...  Come on!' to the cat, who couldn't care less that the Suze is mildly annoyed.)
I think I'll try nibbling on the fuzzy intruder's paws as she naps this evening.  I figure she'll enjoy it, and my  plans to retaliate will be thwarted, as most of my plans are.

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