upcoming vacation plans

Every day just after lunchtime, I'm reminded that the entire human race should really take an afternoon nap.  Oddly, every morning, I'm reminded that the human race shouldn't have to wake up, and should, instead, get to sleep in every day until the body wants to wake up.  (Almost a constant vacation-state.)  This reminds me that we leave for Atwood a week from Sunday.  So, I've resolved to nap every day while we're on vacation.  Sitting in the sun, drinking at 11:00 AM (before 11AM would just be irresponsible, people), napping, swimming, boating, eating food that can't at all be healthy.  Dear readers, I fear that I will not be able to update my blog, since the internet connection at Atwood is actually WIRED - WITH PHONE CORD.  I don't even know how to do that anymore.  But, alas, all will be fine.  Most of you (yes, mom and Karen, I'm referring to the two of you) will be with me at the lake, and Carrie, well....  you live in North Carolina.  Enjoy the weather for a few quiet days without my rants.  :)

And, until then, please comment on your favorite vacation spots.  Commence comments nowly!  :)

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