The wonder that is the Mickey

It has been pointed out to the Suze that a lot of lines lately have been 'borrowed' from people, who aren't getting proper credit here.  We are heartily sorry for having offended thee...  blabbity blah...  blabbity blabbity blah.  So, to make amends, we are going to include wonderful, terrific pieces of these people here, for all of you to enjoy!!!!

This is Mickey.  He is responsible for the 'Breech Baby' song, and for the Trapper Keeper comment from last night.  He is a righteous dude, who looks freakishly like Mike (another Mike-Alike, I know...)

Thanks for being hilarious, Mickey!

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Anonymous said...

Mickey would like to say something.....since viewing my photo on suzes blog, I have since started whitening my teeth. There is one thing to say about a snapshot, It helps to identify those nasty stains that creep up over time. My stains are not from smoking, but excessive carmel colored soda. Im on the road to a bright & white smile!