We say things like 'madly' and 'nibble' and 'smooch.' We try to keep the 'frowning hour' rule, when possible. (And, have even amended it to the 'frowning half-hour' rule.) We have sent Muffin on a cruise, gotten love marks from Phoebe and let Moxy snuggle with our feet. We have been to Puerto Rico and Columbus, Brunswick and Willoughby, Mentor and Detroit. We have shared the magic blue v-neck and Napoleon. We have watched countless movies, and played countless rounds of Cash Cab. We have ridden our bikes to work and back, (hello, rainstorm!) played LOTS of volleyball, and played soccer (sorry, I can't help but mention it.) You have taught me Pinochle and showed me how to do gesture drawings. You've encouraged me to apply myself at work, and to enroll in school again. You've shown me that it's possible to have a completely open, honest and happy relationship.

You make me a better girl.

Thank you, LOML. :) 
All the matter in the world is how much I like you.

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