The fuzzy intruder and a very long, warm night

Yesterday, I told you about the fuzzy intruder, better known as Moxy.  She is famed for playing with plastic bottle caps, and will find them even where none exist.  She has also learned a new trick.  She knocks over empty water bottles on the bedside table.  She is clever, and waits until about 3am, when you're completely asleep, and probably have to pee, but aren't aware of it yet, and maybe are sweating a bit cause the blanket's a warm one.  So, when you hear the 'ka-klunk-klunk-lunk' noise, you must get up, hide said bottle, then walk downstairs to the bathroom and empty your bladder.  Crawl back into bed, but leave the cover off this time...  Eventually, you fall back to sleep until about 5am, when she finds the large plastic ring you let her play with from the new tub of litter (we're talking HUGE, like the size of a large man's belt) so THAT's a good noise.  Once again, you walk downstairs to confiscate said item, but now the kitties would like to eat.  (Of course, silly hooman, it's always time to eat.)  Then, after about half an hour, Muffin knocks her hut off the shelf of her front porch, (I'll share the story of Muffin and her movable town in an upcoming post) so I walk back downstairs to put it back, and remove the roof from said front porch so she has a little more room.  Back upstairs, back into bed...  now it's really too warm in the room.  Get up, turn the thermostat down one degree, wait for it to cool off and get under the cover.  Then, the strangest thing happens...  I FELL SOUND ASLEEP!  Slept like a baby for the remaining forty or so minutes before the alarms went off.  And, let me tell you, that was the best sleep I've had in ages.  So I snoozed an extra half hour or so, and went to work with dog hair.  Oh, the sacrifices I make for fifteen minutes of snoozin. 
As an aside, it's amazing how in those unrestful hours you can have the most vivid dreams.  We were trying on clothes in the mall, when we decided to swim in the pool behind the dressing rooms.  Cause, that's where the best pools are.

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