PETA or pita?

I went to PETA's website yesterday, after the amazing, heavenly Arby's sandwich.  This same action solidified my veganism ten years ago, but somehow I didn't think twice about it.  I read and read about all the bad stuff I've been ignoring for four years, and in an instant, decided that I would no longer eat meat. As Karen and I sat down to eat at one of our favorite burger places, I ate my black bean salsa and toasted pita chips and began to tell her tiny factoids about how community-oriented cows are, and how chickens like to spend time in groups, all the things that PETA taught me.  She looked around, and tried to change the subject by asking:

'How about you tell me what you know about pita'
me: (blink.  blink, blink.)

How often is it that one tries to change the subject, and randomly picks another word that sounds exactly like the word they're trying to avoid?  Probably not often.

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