Completely rational conversation, overheard this morning:

A:  I'd like to see that new Sunshine movie this weekend
B:  Okay, is it playing anywhere nearby?
A:  I'm not sure, we'll have to check
B:  (checking on iPhone)  click.  click click.
A:  I wish you wouldn't use that thing all the time
B:  You use yours all the time, what are you talking about?
A:  We used to talk
B:  OH MY GOD.  Are you serious?
A:  ♪♫  You don't bring me flowers...  ♫♪
B:  You are a crazy person
A:  Fine.  I am not talking to you then
B:  You're just mad that you didn't bring your phone
A:  Well, yeah...  (sniff)


Laura said...

OK, despite "overheard" title, I'm going to guess you were A. Do I win?

Susan said...

I'm sorry, Laura, but I was instructed not to divulge the identities in that story by person B.