Completely torn

Waiting in line at the grocery store, I see a new Tic Tac product...  TicTac Chill, in EXOTIC CHERRY.  BIGGER SIZE, SO YOU CAN CHILL OUT AND ENJOY.  They're about the size of a tylenol tablet.  Genius...  let's make tic tacs even bigger... AND, I love the cherry tic tacs that are in the newish combo pack, with passion fruit ones (that I throw away, so I can enjoy only the cherry ones.)

(Insert ominous music here.)

They're sugar free, so they have that sugar-free candy taste. 
But, they're cherry, so It's kind of a draw.

But, as I'm typing this, I chewed it.  And, it's not so bad.
To quote a review:

'If SweeTarts made a small, nondescript cherry version of its candies (in the shape of an engorged Tic Tac), they’d taste just like the Tic Tac Chill Exotic Cherry. Not bad. Not great. I like the tartness, but there’s not much “cherry” going on here. Surely nothing exotic.'

Update:  Best part?  There's VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS for using the new package. 
Even better part: the video I found when googling the video instructions... 

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