Just how naive do you think I am? (Or, one of the many times I was naive)

We had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Kay's finishing school (Way to go!!!).  Somewhere in the middle of eating, I noticed this on the wall:

I probably should mention that when I was little, my parents had a bit of fun and convinced me that those animals on the drive to Atwood were indeed Cow Pigs.  Let's continue...
I haven't ever seen this animal before, and I asked Karen what it was.  She kept a very straight face (well done, LOML) and told me that it was a Jackalope.  She continued her story about how they fight in the wild, and lock horns, using her hands to demonstrate.  I don't know how she kept from laughing, but she brought her mom in on the fun, and before long, everyone at the table was chiming in, that yes, these creatures were real, and that they couldn't believe I hadn't heard of them. 
This lasted a good two minutes.  Finally, Jess gave me that 'come on, don't be an idiot' look, and shook her head. 
You know what they say about paybacks, darlin...

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