Proof of how well she knows me:  her choice of birthday gifts.  And, no, before you point it out, it's not my birthday yet.  But Karen knows that I am impatient, and even she couldn't have kept me from the blue bag with tissue paper sticking out.  I was eight years old, as I often am, and I opened every single one last night.  You'd think that I might've picked up on some of the hints...  What's your favorite number?  Do you like electronics in brown or orange?  Alas, I didn't catch on once, and was completely surprised at all of them.  Especially the camera, who is sitting next to me on my desk.  He is copper colored, and very handsome.  I have to think of a name for him.  He has already taken pictures of my desk turtles, my family photos, my computer desktop, Karen at her desk (Smile!) and my plant.  (Should I point out that I've been here for maybe twenty minutes?)  I am more than a little excited.  Expect to see lots more photos here from now on. 

I also got a great red and blue necklace, the Wii Cranium game we've had our eyes on for ages, salt and pepper magnets for my desk, a Browns jersey with my name and birthday on it (wow!) and as always, a very heartfelt card.  I should get LOTS of work done today ;)

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