On returning from vacation

Everyone's experienced the horror that is returning to work after a vacation.  Everyone knows that it's torture to wake up to an alarm (I know, I know....  Mike uses an alarm on vacation too.) and actually showering before the day starts (hell, showering at all) is a huge adjustment.  But, it's Thursday and that ain't bad. 

So, let the recapping commence:

played many rounds of the name game
drank many rounds of drinks
played marco polo, noodleball and water volleyball (Thanks for lending us your mad league skills, Denise)
Turd Stew  (Mom, I'll upload a picture when you send it.)
yanking on Karen's injured ankle in the pool (hey, we were playing a game, and I get competitive!)
kings in the corner
tower jenga-ish game that i can't think of the name of
eight thousand rounds of ping pong
the wonderous 'susan rocks at ping pong' song
the one game where karen won (she's getting MUCH better.  ;)  )
golf played by the boys
the end of the 'broken promise' legacy  (Hoorah!!!)

And, many more things that will be recapped a little later when I unbury myself from the email wall of doom.

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