Sunday, lazy Sunday

We spent the weekend lazily, watching movies and hanging out.  Saturday we took Muffin to the vet in the morning, and then lounged for an hour or two.  We went on an afternoon adventure, where we gabbed and learned the fine art of pickling from Sue and Kelly.  We sat on the deck, had a fabulous dinner and played with the puppies a bit.  After about six hours, we called it a night, and headed home to our beloved couch.  As expected, by Sunday, we were exhausted.  We must've watched ten movies this weekend, none of which were really very good, but it passed the time.  We also cleaned the entire basement!  Yep - the whole thing is now empty.  Since Karen's still in the special olympics, I made about thirteen hundred trips up and down those basement steps.  Normally, this would've been one of those tasks I drag my feet on, but for some reason, I was quite motivated.  (Yey, me!)  We finished in less time than I figured we would, and ordered pizza.  More movies (Don't bother watching Mr. Woodcock...  That scene you laughed at in the previews?  It's the only funny one in the movie, and now it's been ruined.)

Another week, another plan.  K starts her classes tonight, and the rest of us have the last vball game of the Monday-night season.  Wednesday starts playoffs.  Tomorrow is my birthday dinner with Mom and Dad, and Friday night is dinner with Karen's fam and Mickey (Happy birthday, Mic).

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