The weekend - a recap

We had dinner for Don's birthday...                We got to take a look at Al's new expander.  
we had some wine.
We watched Al's jumping beans, until this picture was taken, when she accidentally dropped them in the basement.  I certainly hope that Hoppy, Hopper, Shorty and the other two are okay.  :)
We played some ping pong
We went to Sweet Lorraine's - a quirky little resale shop
Where we bought this picture, that goes GREAT in the living room
Then, we went to GAME NIGHT!
Sunday, we went to a family wake (Condolences, Jess and fam), made pizza for dinner, and vegged/did homework/watched 90210 (sorry K), 
took pictures of Phoebe and Moxy, 

and watched the Browns.
And, now it's raining

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