Last night

I don't think we've worked in the basement without a whopper of a story (in our own eyes, anyway.)  We started last night ambitious but realistic.  Set small, attainable goals, grabbed some beverages.  There was crawling into storage areas, there was trim that we painted.  We even did laundry.  (Well, Karen did laundry.  We can't forget this, now can we?)  And we started out pretty good.  Got a lot accomplished for a short night after work.  But then I somehow knocked over my beer.  I was working in the cubby hole, crawling and painting (mostly getting paint on me, by the way) and I must've bumped something, cause my bottle splashed the new wall, and covered the top of the cabinet.  No biggie, every great ship has a christening, perhaps our basement walls were the same.  Grabbed a diet coke, put it on the washing machine below the newly painted cave I was working in, and crawled back in.  After a few minutes, Karen came through to inspect praise my work, and offered to grab us beer.  She placed it on the floor, a good distance from both of us, and we worked.  Two minutes later, we heard a strange noise...  While the washing machine was finishing its spin cycle, a can had fallen and sprayed diet coke all over the place.  Karen (kind girl that she is) cleaned it up since I was a cave-dweller now, and as she did so, guess what her foot toppled over.  Yep.  Beverage number three.  So, we have learned a few things.  1.) If you paint a very small area, your neck will hurt from bending to avoid paint in your hair.  2.) You will have paint in your hair regardless.  3.)  No matter where you put your drink, it will either spill on its own, or be knocked over.  And, 4.) taking pictures of all this makes it awfully fun to recap.  :)

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