Peer pressure

It's amazing what we'll do when prompted by friends. 

We watched the Ohio State/Michigan game with Stephanie and Brendan yesterday, and we ate a delicious homemade balsamic onion dip, and some of Stephanie's now famous chili.  We also had a few beers, which may explain why I can't remember how the topic of ear-candling came up.  Stephanie even had some ear candles lying around somewhere.  'We'll have to candle Karen's ears later!!' Stephanie said.  And after some karaoke and Kabookii, we decided to try it. 

She lived through this, and I'll spare you the pictures of what is purported to be 'pulled from deep within the ear canal.'  (Your imagination and the wiki page can fill you in if you're still curious.)
We're also open to try almost anything, as evidenced by the above scary photo.  Maybe I'll post some of the video later. 

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