A condo of waterfalls

We decided to stop at Lava to eat dinner last night, before we stopped upstairs.  We calmly (if coldly) ate, and walked back to lounge, and within a few minutes, Karen starts this panicked 'something is really wrong' mantra in the next room.  (This is the point where I can't tell if she's just noticed the overflowing recyclables bin, or if a wall has caved in.)  Turns out, the roof above our west-facing windows is leaking...  technically, the wall is leaking, but that's a strange mental picture.  The bricks are soaked, and a different color than the others.  There's water on the floor, on the windowsill, on the window, on chairs, in the cat bowls, it was just lovely.  We went to the roof to see what might have caused it, and found a lot of slush beneath the surface of ice and snow.  We shoveled, and it seemed to stop the dripping.  She's home to assess / fix and I'm sitting at work freezing.   For anyone who doesn't live in Cleveland, have you realized that you're missing all this?  :)

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