a plea, from Charlotte

Thank you, Susan, for not killing me in the shower today.

I know that Karen is very afraid of my kind, and would've made you banish me from the house if she knew I was around.  But you took pity on me; you allowed me to linger as you washed your hair, even though you watched me a little nervously before and after you washed your face.

I was just there to get a little drink of water.

You fill the sinks for the cats, but if I venture in that direction, they tease me.  (and just a month ago, they ate uncle Lester.)  But, the shower is perfect for me.  When you're done getting clean, sometimes I just need a little sip, and I scoot right back into the walls.

Thanks for understanding.

P.S.  Maybe Karen just needs to read Charlotte's Web again...
P.P.S.  Maybe she should read this again too.

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