oh, the mess Karen's coming home to...

Karen left for Milwaukee yesterday and Phoebe, Moxy and Muffin decided to have a little get-together.

It started out small, the way parties always do.  We invited some neighborhood cats, but then they invited some friends, and so on.  They came over all kind, 'hi, thanks for having us over...' but before long, they were drinking all the diet coke.  (Okay, they didn't really drink ALL the diet coke, because I made them leave before they could finish the last few.  Diet coke is apparently like crack for cats.  Catnip isn't as enticing as diet coke.  For real.)  We played some bridge and watched movies, and then for some reason, they decided to try on all of Karen's clothes...  I told them not to, but you know cats.  They also ate all the snacks in the place.  And used up all the ice cubes.  It was terrible... before I knew it, it was 5am and I had to put out a small fire in the kitchen and take away their beer bong.  I made them leave, but I think they plan to come back for more tonight.  

Okay, none of that really happened...  We sat quietly on the couch all night and read books.  The other story's more interesting though, admit it.  :)

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