the wonder that is facebook

I joined Facebook about a year ago in an attempt to woo Karen, then didn't do much with it until about two months ago.  I have since found seventeen-hundred friends and family members to chat with (okay, maybe not THAT many).  I like reconnecting with people I haven't seen in years; many have husbands or wives that I've never met, children who weren't around back when I knew them.  Some live in other cities or other states now.  I've even become closer with family members who live both nearby and far away.  The one thing that I've learned recently is that you can update people about the little things in life -- what you're having for dinner: 'Susan is making meatloaf', what you need to buy for your car: ' Susan is in desperate need of a new windshield wiper' -- but it's very difficult to give any real glimpse into your life in a single-sentence format: 'Susan is contemplating the meaning of life.  Relationships seem to be the only...'  and more than half of my followers have lost interest by that second sentence.  Facebook is the attention-deficit way of blogging these days, and it is contagious (note that I update FB more often than this site...  sorry about that folks...  wanna know what I am making for dinner?  Cause I can totally blog about that every day.)

Why is this?  If facebook had a blogging section, would people read (and write) more often?  Are we just that lazy, that we need to be able to give people quick little updates throughout the day?  And, do people REALLY care if 'Susan is tired'?

More on this after I leave work and update my status, and figure out how to import this into FB...  :)

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