Another Snow Storm

Ah, winter in Cleveland.  Gotta love it.

If you haven't listened to Fleet Foxes yet, listen now.  I saw them a few weeks ago on SNL, and Mykonos has been in my head ever since.  Kind of a cross between CSNY and the Shins.  Listen now, it's on the playlist to the right, two-thirds of the way down.

I've also been reading more these days, which is a nice switch from the constant stream of TV I usually allow to flow over me.  (Though, I have to admit we watched 'True Beauty' last night after Karen got home from school.  If you're not familiar with this particular brand of crap TV, they take a roomful of 'attractive people' and give them pseudo-challenges where they're secretly watching to see how kind and considerate they are.  The nastiest is tossed off, and they reveal that, in true reality TV fashion, they've been duped.  Crap TV incarnate, but we watch it.)  Back to books - I found a site called Good Reads  that lets me rate books, and find recommendations from people who like the same books I do.  That, and I get a cute little widget for my sidebar.  (Ooh...  Look at that!)

Biggest Loser started this week at the office, and I've been eating nothing but home cooked meals, which is a HUGE switch.  A typical week used to consist of eating out every day for breakfast and lunch, and three or four times a week for dinner.  This is big stuff, people!  We've also started working out, which is an interesting challenge for someone who hasn't really broken a sweat since summer.  I got my hands on a copy of the 30-day Shred, with Jillian Michaels from TV's Biggest Loser.  The menu setup could be a little more efficient, but all in all, I love this workout.  Between jumping jacks and push ups, sit ups and weight work, I'm pretty much exhausted when it's done.  That, and the fact that it's only twenty minutes (albeit a TOUGH twenty minutes) keeps me coming back.

I'll leave you with a shot out my desk window here at work.  Have a nice Wednesday!

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