new obsession

I decided I wanted an iPhone about a month ago, but sat on the idea to make sure it was something I really, really wanted, so I could be good and anxious when we went to the store. 

We met Will and Jess at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch yesterday  (great food, btw) and meandered around some of the shops at Legacy Village afterward.  I had it in my head all morning that we'd go to the iStore, so I let the anticipation carry me through Crate & Barrel and Z Gallerie.  Around 2:30pm, we walked into the store, and I was immediately told that, while they were happy that I'd like to buy an iPhone, AT&T's network was down.  They said the network was scheduled to be up by 4pm, and that they could schedule a personal shopper appointment for me around that time.  So, like any good three year-old would, I pouted for a bit.  Then decided to go in, and see if I could at least get the process started. 
The network was back up, and within ten minutes, I had my phone all activated and shiny. 
Fast forward an hour or so, and I was glued to my computer looking up apps for it. Karen is a very, very patient girl for putting up with Gadget Mode Susan.

I have subscribed to a bunch of podcasts, so I have entertainment in the car.  I also had to pick Karen up from the Toyota shop this morning, so I got to use the iMaps function.  

I'm such a child.

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