Definitions and explanations

Double boilers are basically a double pot, that can be used for making chocolate, candles, or anything you don't want to put direct heat on.  You heat the water below, and that gently warms the item on top.  I have little use for a double-boiler, since I don't make chocolate or candles.  Ruthanne didn't have much use for it either, which is how I inherited it.  But, upon hearing that I had one, Carrie got all excited, and questioned how I could have one and not use it.  I promised to ship it to her, and that was probably four years ago.  It's been a running joke ever since, and when I finally get around to sending it, you should probably be on the lookout for flying pigs.  (Just kidding, Carrie...  you should get it soon.  blink.                         blink, blink.  )

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