Things I'd like to do this weekend

In addition to the many things we already have planned (Dad's birthday dinner, game night with the Winters, game day with the fam) I'd also like to do the following:

  • Go to breakfast one day, order breakfast in one day.
  • Go somewhere unexpected and take a walk, maybe some pics.
  • Watch the twelve hours of crap TV we have DVR'd.
  • Grab a Sunday NY Times (or a book, or my laptop) and go to the new bookstore/wine place around the corner.  (I'd also love to shake the hand of the person who invented the bookstore/wine shop.  Well done, good chap.  Well done.)
  • Mail the double-boiler to Carrie.  (Mrrrppphhhtt.  I can't even keep a straight face.)

1 comment:

Shaniuk said...

What's a double-boiler and why are you mailing it?