Holy crap, what a weekend

Many of you (okay, just Carrie) pointed out the lack of content last week.  We regret to point out that this will be the second sequential Weekend Recap, but that is all changing this week.  We are at the tail end of many projects, and after a solid, back-breaking few days, we are in the home stretch.  The apartment sale went quite well, thanks in part to some work folks and their friends.  Much appreciated, and your time and effort made my job much easier yesterday.  That said, MOVING IS HARD AND TAKES FOREVER!!!  Even when you think you're almost done, you're not.  I have half the day off today to finish up, and CAN'T WAIT until I get home tonight, finished, after turning in the keys and such.  I will post pics of the sale, the gutted condo and the insane layer of dust on EVERY ITEM WE OWN.  (I'll also attempt to use fewer uppercase words.)

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