Weekend recap

Saturday: Tremont Art-Walky Street Festival (with a name I should remember)
Coolest sidewalk chalk guy
Karen ate while I watched and took pictures
Karen loved the bee part
I love the stones painting so much, I took three pictures of it. On the third, a man approached me and asked if they came out nice, to which I responded something similar to 'pretty good' while I fumbled with my camera.  I didn't realize he was the artist until we had walked away from each other, and I don't know the etiquette at an art show...  Is it considered rude or stealing to photograph someone's work?  If so, Mr. Stones Painter, it was my favorite, and had I realized that it was you asking me about the photograph, I'd likely have answered that I loved it so much I wanted to take a piece home for free.  (Which, I suppose, answers my ethical photograh dilemma, and not in my favor)
This morning we went to five bookstores, in a quest to quench my David Foster Wallace thirst.  We didn't find Infnite Jest, but I got two others, and a few booklights and a bookmark and another novel and I might just be a little drunk on new books.  And, while I learn all about lobsters, Karen's doing this

blame vimeo -- pics soon to come

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