The Home Bar

Karen shoots pool in a local league, and we visit many bars for the matches.  Last night we went to our 'Home Bar', which I used to love back when I was a smoker, because they allow smoking (even though there's a law in Ohio that forbids smoking indoors at public places.)  Last night, as the bartender asked people for their dollar to smoke, I laughed to myself how silly these people were.  I watched them all light their cigarettes and puff away.  But after about half an hour, the strangest thing happened....  I wanted to smoke. BADLY wanted to smoke.  I'm not sure if it was the nicotine in the air, or the combination of drinking beer and watching people smoke, but I was almost adamant that I could be one of those nonexistent 'Occasional Smokers'.  Luckily my rebellion didn't take over, and we took me home to our nonsmoking house, where I continue to be a nonsmoker.  Just goes to show you that even the girl who tells people how much money they'd save if they quit can also be tempted herself.

Oh, and very tempted to call the 1-800-NoSmokeOhio line, or whatever it is.  Who IS this person, and what have you done to rebel Susan?  :)


Anonymous said...

That sure seems like a lot of numbers, but I'll give it a try. Thanks, Suzelynqs! I've been a smoker for years and have always wanted to quit, just wasn't sure who to call to inform/ask.

Anonymous said...

To report violations of Ohio's smoke-free workplace law phone 1-866-559-OHIO (6446). Your local health department or the Ohio Department of Health would like to have a little chat with this proprietor.

Susan said...

Thanks, anon. Appreciate it :)