A Protected Class

On a quiet Sunday night just outside Cleveland, Ohio, a storm was brewing.

"About twenty-five percent of the dishes you wash require additional washing," said Karen Shaniuk of the Tremont chapter of the Overly Thorough Coalition.  Apparently, this is a rampant problem throughout the country, particularly among those who live with members of the OTC.

"I had no idea that the problem encompassed a quarter of the dishes I've washed.  Can I even say that I washed them?  Do I have to use air quotes, like McCain?  You know, a quarter of the dishes I 'washed' required additional attention...  " said Susan Kennedy, also of Tremont, who is "most certainly not part of the OTC."

Kennedy declined an on-air interview, stating only that she plans to file for Protected Class status for her group, the Twenty-Five Percent of the Time Poor Dish Washers of America or TFPOTTPDWA,  (pronounced TIFFpotPIDwa) and plans a community outreach for others who may be afflicted.

"This is a very real, very serious condition, and it's important that the public be aware of how sensitive our members are."

Shaniuk did point out that, while she has to re-wash some dishes, she "suppose(s) that seventy-five percent of them don't require additional washing, so that does help some."


Anonymous said...

What exactly is it that your members are 'sensitive' to? Being criticized for doing crappy work? You know what I think your 'disorder' should be named? The We Do Shitty Jobs So No One Will Ask Us To Do Any Work Association, (or just Lazy Asses for short). My sister had your 'affliction' and I ended up doing all her work. No wonder I took up smoking!

Thanks, SuzeLynqs!!!

Susan said...

WDSJSNOWASTDAW doesn't make a good acronym, but thank you for the suggestion! Keep up the good reading!!!